Do you know about Cotton N Button

Hello , This is Papia Hasna ,I m here to share my journey ‘️ Passion to Profession ‘ since my childhood, I was very enthusiastic on designing and crafting …so I have decided that I will do my study on Fashion Designing or Fine Arts background but my family didn’t permit me. So,I have done my graduation n post graduation in Economics ……On that time I m doing my work within a small groups,but when I was thinking to extend it ..

turned into as my profession ,I didn’t get that much support from my surrounding except my Mom,she always supports me but she was fear about Social Criticism……..For few years I leave all those things doing Bachelor of education ,Teaching job ,second Master’s MA in TESOL…….by the meantime I was blessed by two Angeles moreover, my little daughter faced a diseases, so that I have decided doing own business is better rather doing a job. However , my cousin’s and friends always appreciates my work and always motivates me ,now i leave my job and start crawling to fulfill my dream.

My heartfelt thanks to Rongona Group , I’m greatfull to Admin Akhi Akther julee Apu to create such a platform . I am really honoured to be a part of Rongona. I am blessed to introduce my baby page ‘ Cotton N Button ‘. it’s all about handmade products by myself focusing on our culture . I need your support and cooperation to grow my page .Please pray for my new journey .



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