Why People Love JB’S Catering Service

I am Shahida Sultana Boby owner & Founder of JB’S catering service

I opened the catering page in 2018. From the very beginning, I received so much response from the customers that JB’s catering has now become my life’s goal and career.

Why people love JB’s Catering Service :-

JB’s catering always gives their 1st priority as per their customer’s choice. We have an Huge excellent review in our Facebook page. If anyone says why we choose JB’S catering, I must say we maintain hygienic food, better in quality, good in quantity, reasonable price, and shortest delivery time, fresh and delicious foods with Well behavior. For these reason we can say now a days we are successful catering service in Dhaka. We always try to lead our corporate and general customers to engage with JB’S catering at regular. please taste our food and give us the opportunity to serve you at most.

Our services: Food catering. Home delivery service Available inside Dhaka. Service man.. We provide chefing dishes ect..

Our cuisines: we are very expert all the shahi items like.. Kacchi .. Morog polau.. Rost.. Tehari.. Kabab etc.. Bangla food & Desserts.

Events we cater for: Corporate events, Family program, Social Events, In-house parties, Festival event, Weddings.

What’s Our New Plan:-

We’re going to launch a new service at the request of many customers. This service was ours in the past. It is the way of the infant, the poor, the satisfaction of the orphans. Who cares for them to eat good food. Which they cannot eat. And this is also done by our JB’s Catering. And our customers from outside the country do this great thing through us. Many thanks to Allah for being a shareholder in this great work.

For those who also take part in this great work, JB’s Catering will Give some of the benefits:
Total Food Bill will have a 5% discount and delivery charge and Food Distribution free. This facility is only for those who take food from us for this noble cause. You can also distribute food at your own expense, with only food from us. There will also be a delivery charge free. Hope everyone comes forward in this great work.

In the future I would like to take this catering to a much larger location in Bangladesh. I hope everyone will be my side and pray for me. Thank you Everyone.



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